Where Did My Feedback Go?

Reporting Back to Students: Student Education Committee Meeting (7th October 2020)

Matters of Interest Raised by Faculty:

  • Confirmation that FoLSM will be planning for some on-campus teaching in Semester 2

  • Large scale lectures will continue to be delivered online

  • All plans are subject to future government restrictions (e.g. another full-scale lockdown)

  • In response to concerns regarding insufficient bookable spaces in the library

  • Collections Liaison Librarian has reported that bookable spaces have yet to hit full capacity and currently underused.

  • Any questions about study space availability can be directed to Collections Liaison Librarian Mr. Theo Stubbs at theo.stubbs@kcl.ac.uk

Faculty Response to Student Feedback Presented

  • Proper subtitling of pre-recorded teaching

  • Faculty confirmed that subtitling software for pre-recorded teaching was being developed

  • Compatibility Issue involving iPads and Virtual Lab Software

  • Incident was investigated by Dr Anatoliy Markiv, Academic Lead for Technology Enhanced Learning, following the SEC meeting

  • Virtual lab app was functional on iPads, with Dr Markiv personally carrying out the practical instructions successfully

Copy of Student Feedback Presented by the BSA Lectures

  • The addition of subtitles to all lectures would greatly improve accessibility and streamline learning for visual learners.

  • The flow of the Q&A is hard to follow. Having the PowerPoint slide in question opened in the background would be helpful at giving context for the answer

  • Not enough time for students to digest lecture material when Live Q&A are placed right after the lecture.

  • Students report that they feel the number/frequency of online tutorials is insufficient. Module leads are suggested to:

  • Host more Live Q&As or answer more FAQs (even if the question does not fit the criteria for a response)

  • Increase the number of online tutorials

  • Keep posting Q&A chat logs on Keats

  • There has been timetable clashes, in some cases caused by lectures overrunning and cutting into other live events. Hosts of live events are advised to factor this issue in when scheduling future live events.

  • Some students report that they have difficulty keeping up with lectures, and struggling to maintain concentration when viewing pre-recorded lectures.

  • Subtitles would help with visual learning

  • Split lectures into parts of 15-20 minutes

  • Some lecturers were not adept at handling Teams meeting

  • Cluttered emails flooding students' mailboxes due to departments registering their Teams meeting months in advance.

  • More structured live sessions instead of pre-recorded content

Practicals and Labs

  • Concerns about what will happen if we aren't able to come back to campus for labs in Term 2 (e.g. another lockdown scenario)

  • "Some using iPads so that threw in some difficulties with the software. You spent more time trying to learn how to use the software/website rather than actual practical knowledge/theory"

  • Students would like an alternative to online practicals to reinforce learning

  • General concern over how students will be able to gain lab experience, perhaps adding more summer placements or internship opportunities

  • Most undergrad students are looking to do an MSci or Research PhD right after graduation. Lacking hands-on practical skills would be a major disadvantage for their future careers.


  • Lack of practice in answering essay-type questions


  • Module and/or Programme leads are strongly suggested to reach out to their students for more tailored feedback on how students find their lectures, practicals, and workshops + tutorials. Informal regular check-ins during live events is also highly suggested to gauge student opinion on what kinks to iron out.

  • People giving student support (e.g. Student Experience team, student reps) are currently placed at a passive position, with everything moved online. And we can no longer rely on students to come

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