Education Team: Introduction

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Hi and welcome to Kings! We’re Andrew and Maisan, your BSA Education Team for this coming academic year, and we’re so excited to have you join our student community!

We’re responsible for bridging you and the faculty together. So in the coming year, We’ll be listening closely to your academic needs and forward your opinions to the faculty during Education Committee Meetings. Student representation is highly valued in Kings, and we have an extensive rep network to ensure your voice is heard. However, from past experience, a lot of new students are confused by the massive rep network and aren’t sure exactly who to turn to. That is why we will be addressing this issue through an infographics series on our social media pages so that you know the correct people to approach and solve any problems you may encounter.

As the School of Bioscience Education encompasses a wide range of degrees, we aim to connect reps from different courses and organizations together, establishing a better understanding and communication within the Bioscience degrees. We also plan to work alongside our welfare team on fostering cross-degree cohesion and representation throughout the year, consequently building a sense of community and belonging within our school.

In light of COVID-19, we expect there will be challenges ahead which may heavily impact your education, especially if you are a distance learner. In the coming months, we will be speaking with the faculty to discuss measures supporting distance learners, especially concerning practicals. Our goal is to expand the scope of learning materials available online, so as to enhance your virtual learning experience.

We’ve had valuable experiences in the past years concerning student education (Andrew as the Common Year One Representative and Maisan as an Education Outreach volunteer). Therefore, you can count on us working hard to make sure that your academic experience in KCL is as smooth, hassle-free, and effective as possible.

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