Welfare Team: Introduction

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The mission of the BSA welfare team is to support the wellbeing of bioscience students through establishing our community as a welcoming and inclusive space. This year, we will be directing special attention to creating solutions and providing support for problems which the BSA has not specifically addressed in the past.

We are cognizant of the stresses, trials and tribulations individuals may be dealing with due to Covid 19, and would like to make it clear to students that we are here as a support system. We will be planning and conducting online wellness events to help students deal with the stress of the situation and/or have an outlet to relax and improve their own wellbeing. We will also provide resources to voice your concerns, so we can put measures in place to accurately address them.

In response to the current social climate surrounding race and marginalised communities, our team will be placing specific emphasis on diversity and inclusion within bioscience. This will take place through continuously welcoming discussion around diversity and inclusion. We will then use this feedback to implement the changes our community needs. We will also be in close contact with the KCLSU diversity and inclusion team to ensure that the faculty at King’s understands the needs of students, so we can create substantial change.

Additionally, BSA Welfare will continue to run the Mums & Dads Scheme, which aims to welcome new students, and help with the adjustment to university. We also will have one wellbeing week per term where student wellbeing events will be held everyday on Guy’s to encourage students to relax and take time for wellbeing.

We are excited to welcome everyone back in September, and hope to establish a community where diversity is celebrated and inclusion is standard!

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